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.au Registrar Reseller List

This list shows Resellers and who they have chosen to be their Domain Name Wholesaler for .au domain names for a list of accredited .au registrar see this list here.

Nexigen Digital: Synergy Wholesale, Also maintains a list here.

  • ClickHost
  • HyperDrive Systems
    • Quality Host Online
    • HostingBee
  • The Great Aussie Surfshop (TGAS)
    • comauHOST
    • Hostmatrix
    • Hostmate
    • Coasthost

CentralNic: Has various wholesale platforms notably here in Australia TPP Wholesale but you can see a list of their wholesale providers here.

  • Gandi
  • Google Domains
    • Note: Google is directly accredited for most gTLD’s however in the .au namespace they are a re-seller as they’re not directly accredited.

Unknown: it’s unknown who these companies are using however keep checking back as we will be getting these providers updated with the correct wholesale platform they’re using in the future.

  • Sitefoundry
  • Namecheap
  • Obble
    • Obble Hosting
    • Stealth Internet


  • DreamIT Host
    • Multiple Wholesale Platforms Used
      • Nexigen Digital: Synergy Wholesale
      • CentralNic: Domain Directors trading as Instra
  • Namespace
    • Fluccs
    • Exigent Australia
    • Dedicated Servers Australia — (formerly 10TB Servers)
    • Domain Central
    • EuroDNS
      • Namespace: Fluccs – The Australian Cloud trading as Domain Central ANZ