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.au Direct Stage Two Landrush

Stage Two: Landrush

This event is now over and all domain names have been released back to the general pool. Congratulations and hopefully you got the domain you wanted.

The Landrush period will commence on 04 October 2022 8am AEDT where all domain names that weren’t applied for during the “Priority Allocation Period” will be released back to the general pool of available domain names which can be registered by anyone.

Stage One: General Availability and Priority Allocation Period

Below is a brief history of the previous stage and where we’re at today.

On 24 March 2022 auDA launched .au direct on this date anyone could register any domain name that didn’t pre-exist any other .au namespace.

If the domain name did exist most applicants had the domain name reserved for them in what was called the “Priority Allocation Period” which started on 24 March 2022 and has now ended as of 21 of September 2022 the full intended six months.

If you failed to register your interest your domain name is going to be released in stage two as part of the land rush period which will commence on 04 October 2022 for more information about this process see the stage two section above.

However if you did successfully apply during the “Priority Allocation Period” by retrieving your tokens and applying for your string.

Your domain names if they were uncontested by any other applicant should’ve been made available with the registrar you applied for it with, on or after 22 September 2022.

If your domain name remains contested and in a contentions set it will remain locked out for 12 months from your application provided you stay eligible to hold the underlying applying domain.

More information regarding contested .au direct domain names will be posted in a follow-up article shortly.

This article will outline the process and your ongoing obligations and the procedure for obtaining the domain name and any other relevant information.

So keep checking back here for a link.